HVAC Contractor in Dallas

We rely on our heating, cooling, and ventilation systems for our comfort and well-being. When it comes to systems as important as these, it only makes sense to work with the best in the region. As many Dallas homeowners and business owners have come to learn, Unlimited Air Conditioning & Heating LLC offers unsurpassed HVAC solutions.

Offering the best in HVAC repairs, maintenance, and installations, we're the certified and code-compliant professionals you can count on. From air conditioner repairs to water heater installation, we do it all—and we do it with unrivaled professionalism.

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Our HVAC Techs Make a Difference

Our team is our strength. Our HVAC company would be nothing without our contractors. Licensed, bonded, and fully insured, our heating and cooling technicians don't just meet your expectations—they exceed them. We operate in a code-compliant manner and conduct repairs with energy efficiency and your budget in mind. Rest assured, our workmanship is second to none.

Competitive Rates

We operate a lean business model for the benefit of our clients. Any savings we incur thanks to our industry connections and savvy approach only get passed on to you. We understand how vital your air conditioner, ductwork, and other HVAC systems are to your day-to-day life. To make our services accessible to everyone in need, we offer our services at competitive rates.

Friendly and Helpful Staff

Whether you're hoping for professional service, personable technicians, or swift service, you'll surely be satisfied with our company. If you have any questions about our services or rates, do not hesitate to contact us.

Comprehensive HVAC Services

One of our greatest assets is our commitment to ongoing training. The more we learn, the more we're capable of serving you. Our far-reaching skillset ensures that we'll be the only HVAC company you'll need to call in the future.

HVAC Maintenance

The secret to a long-lasting HVAC system lies in your commitment to ongoing maintenance. Work with us and we will make sure your filters, coils, ducts, fans, and everything in between work exactly as they should—and for as long as they should, too.

HVAC Repairs

Furnaces, water heaters, and air conditioners fall victim to all sorts of problems in the run of the year. We'll address pilot control problems regarding the furnace, get to the root of the frequent cycling issues, and more. No matter the scope of the problem, we will conduct all the necessary repairs in a swift and orderly fashion.

HVAC Inspections

Ensuring the ongoing efficiency and reliability of your heating and cooling system has never been easier than it is with Unlimited Air Conditioning & Heating LLC’s regular HVAC inspections from a licensed technician. Our team will assess every component, from the furnace and air conditioner to ductwork and thermostats, identifying any issues or potential problems that may affect your system's performance and longevity. If we find underlying issues that need to be addressed immediately, we'll present you with a service plan before conducting the repairs.

For pricing inquiries or to schedule a service appointment, call our office at your convenience.

HVAC Installations

A heating and cooling system's output efficiency is contingent on two factors: the quality of the unit itself and the quality of the installation. Get the best of both worlds when you enlist our HVAC installation services.

As a full-service company, we'll oversee the entire project, whether you're upgrading an outdated system or installing a brand-new unit. We'll assess your space, recommend the optimal system tailored to your needs, and ensure swift, efficient installation.

You'll gain all the benefits of a fast, affordable, and lasting HVAC solution plus more as our customer—call now to take advantage!

Keeping Homes Cooled and Heated With Residential HVAC Services

Trust us to maintain your ideal indoor climate year-round with our comprehensive residential HVAC services. From installing new systems to extensive repairs of existing ones, our goal is to ensure that your residence remains comfortably cool during summer and cozy warm throughout winter.

With extensive experience working on all makes and models, we can help pair you with the perfect unit that fits your budget and delivers a comfortable living experience. Get access to our sought-after services and enjoy your Dallas home during extreme temperatures.

Helping Local Businesses With Commercial HVAC Services

Ensure the success of your business and the satisfaction of your customers with our commercial HVAC services. We partner with companies of all sizes, ranging from small storefronts to large office buildings, and understand the distinctive heating and cooling needs of commercial spaces. Understanding that a one-size-fits-all approach doesn't succeed in our line of work, we provide customized solutions and are adaptable in drafting service plans.

With our expertise, we optimize indoor air quality and temperature control, ensuring a pleasant atmosphere for employees and customers. From system installation to maintenance and repairs, we're in business to deliver reliable commercial HVAC solutions you can trust to keep your business cool, warm, and comfortably inviting.

We Work With All HVAC Systems

Over the years, we've cultivated many experiences working with all HVAC systems. From traditional forced-air units to ductless mini-split and geothermal heat pumps, we know how to install, repair, and maintain everything that comes our way.

Our commitment to excellence ensures that your system receives the care and attention it deserves, promoting optimal performance and efficiency. Look to us to keep your HVAC system running smoothly and reliably, regardless of its make or model. Our comprehensive approach ensures that your indoor environment remains comfortable and conducive to your needs.

Dallas's leading Furnace Repair Team

When you find yourself in need of last-minute furnace repairs or you simply want to increase your heating system's overall efficiency, you can always contact us. We have the equipment—and the expertise—to address all your HVAC needs and more. Whether your furnace is in a state of disrepair or your ductless unit requires urgent repairs, you can count on us.

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