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UNLIMITED AIR CONDITIONING AND HEATING , founded in 2006, is proud to serve the Arlington, Dallas/Ft Worth area and surrounding cities as one of the best residential and light commercial service companies in the metroplex. Over the years, we have become the premier HVAC contractor for reliable Mesquite air conditioning and heating services.

Unlimited Air Conditioning & Heating - Mesquite Heating Repairs

Our goal is to provide you as a customer with the best Quality Mesquite heating repairs and the highest Quality Products at competitive prices. In doing so, our Mesquite HVAC contractors accomplish their ultimate goal of building long lasting customer relationships one at a time. For Mesquite furnace repairs, heating systems and air conditioner repairs, you can count on the professionals at Unlimited Air Conditioning & Heating.

Mesquite AC Repairs

When it comes to Mesquite ac repairs, our residential and commercial property owners know they can trust our highly trained and licensed Mesquite air conditioning contractors to provide quality workmanship with professional, dependable, and courteous service for all of their air conditioning needs in Texas. Don't put off air conditiong repairs, call our experts today.

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Mesquite Humidifiers

The two types of portable humidifiers that people in cold countries use at their homes are the impeller room and ultrasonic humidifiers. The two only differ in terms of the mechanism that it uses for adding to the moisture level in the air. The impeller room humidifier is primarily composed of a spinning disc that is responsible for creating its water droplets. On the other hand, the ultrasonic humidifier uses a metal diaphragm to produce high frequency vibrations necessary for generating smaller versions of water droplets in the air compared with impeller room humidifier. Also, a lot of people prefer using this type of humidifier because of its ability to produce tinier water droplets which evaporate easier in the air unlike larger water particles.