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Our goal is to provide you as a customer with the best Quality Service and the highest Quality Products at competitive prices. In doing so, our HVAC contractors will accomplish our ultimate goal of building long lasting customer relationships one at a time. With more than 17 years of experience our staff of Nate certified technicians here at Unlimited Air Conditioning & Heating are dedicated with providing you and your family with the Plano air conditioning and heating services that will keep you comfortable no matter the season.

Unlimited Air Conditioning & Heating - Plano Heating Repairs

As a professional Plano heating and air conditioning contractor, we know the dynamics of heating systems, and we are dedicated to providing homeowners and businesses with quality Plano heating repairs, maintenance and installation services, all at affordable prices. Find out why Plano residents consider us the premier company for all their heating repair needs.

Plano AC Repairs

We strive to offer our Plano customers peace of mind as well as quality Plano ac repairs and air conditioning systems. From preventative air conditioning maintenance to emergency air conditioner repair , you can count on Unlimited Air Conditioning & Heating for all your heating and air conditioning service needs.

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Plano Duct Cleaning

If you want to protect your children from being exposed to airborne diseases, then you should have someone to conduct duct cleaning in your house. If you are not aware as to what duct cleaning is, it simply refers to maintaining the cleanliness of your heating and cooling systems. These systems include your air ducts, grills, diffusers, heat exchangers, cooling coils, fan motors, and even your drip pans.
It is very important to have your ducts cleaned, especially if you have children inside your house. Though there are studies which can prove that dirty air ducts contribute to the increasing amount of dust and germ particles inside your house thus it is very important to have them cleaned. Your dirty air ducts can become home to mold, cockroaches, ants, and even to nasty rats. Unless you have your ducts cleaned, these pests would make a home out of them.